New Yatt Farm  

A beautifully renovated Oxfordshire farmhouse accommodating 16/20  guests

Telephone 07730 377182 / 07527 871883

We are currently sourcing products and equipment of the finest quality we can find. Here is a list of some of the items you will find in New Yatt Farm

Towels and toiletries from The White Company

Linen from King of Cotton

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets and Pillows from The DuvetStore

Pool table from Brunswick Billiards

Beds and Hypnos mattresses from Vineys of Abingdon , And So To Bed and the Original Bedstead Company. One mattress is a Vi Spring Regal Superb.

Sofas from The Sofa Company in Oxford , One World Trading and Febland

Table Football by Sulpie. Table Tennis and other outdoor games from Liberty Games/Jacques.    Jacques always used to donate equipment to the Summer Fete in Combe where our children went to school so its nice to reward them later with some of our purchases

The furniture has come from various antique stores and auction houses around the country. The oak pew which dates from 1894 came from St Lawrences Church in Biddulph. It is very heavy as the Reverend Martin Cannam and I discovered when we struggled from the church to my people carrier with our arms straining under its weight. God was smiling on us though as the length of the pew was exactly equal to the distance from the boot lid to the front passenger seat (fully pushed forward-phew).  The oak/elm settle, which I bagged at an auction in Cirencester, is even older dating from the 17th century. Most of the pine chests and trunks are Victorian and are characterised by narrow dovetail joints.